Best Kayak Rack for Wrangler

If you enjoy kayaking and love the outdoors, then you need to get your hands on a good kayak rack for your ride. After countless hours of research and many cups of coffee looking through the many different kayak rack options out there, we found that the Best Kayak Rack for Wrangler is the Malone SeaWing Saddle. The SeaWing Saddle rack attaches to existing crossbars, so you will need to make sure that your Wrangler comes equipped with crossbars. Another good kayak rack option is Malone’s HandiRack Inflatable Pad. The good thing about Malone’s inflatable pads is that you do not need to have side-rails or crossbars to use it.

Lastly, if you are looking for a J-cradle style of kayak rack, check out the Malone Downloader. Keep in mind however that the Malone Downloader kayak rack system also utilizes crossbars or crossrails. Additional kayak rack options are also included below, so read-up to learn more about these options as well as about kayak racks in general.

Note: If you need a Crossbar set for your Wrangler, we’ve got you covered too. Wrangler Crossbars or Crossbars Replacement Kit.

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Malone J-DownLoader
Universal fit for all vehicles.

With all of the different j-cradle rack options, the kayaking community seems to like the Malone J-Downloader best. Malone creates flawlessly designed racks for moving kayaks. The JAWZ technology is what puts this awesome rooftop rack over the top. It gives you the ability to fit the j-cradle to most round, square as well as oval shaped factory cross rails.

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Price was around $151.90 at the time of this posting.

The J-DownLoader with Bow and Stern includes everything you need to carry one kayak vertically on your roof top. When not in use, the carrier folds down to create more overhead clearance. The built in loading ramps help load and unload the kayak while oversized padding helps protect the boat once strapped down. The Malone universal JAWZ mounting hardware fits round, square and factory oval cross rails.

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Malone SeaWing Saddle
Universal fit for all vehicles.

This is one of the best saddles currently available for purchase. In fact, the Malone brand is a premium kayak rack and kayak accessory manufacturer and is considered to be the best at what they do. The name SeaWing truly is appropriate (since the brackets themselves are shaped in the form of a sea bird).

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Price was around $206.95 at the time of this posting.

The SeaWing™ is Mslone’s signature design that is easy to install and works with most recreational and sea kayaks. There is no requirement to lift the entire kayak at any time. Simply position the front of the kayak on the rear of the vehicle; move to the rear of the kayak and push it up to load. To better protect the vehicle and help with loading and unloading your kayak our optional Channel Loader, Telos or Stinger Load Assist Modules can be purchased separately. Saddles are constructed with non-corrosive poly-carbon and nylon to insure a rust free and long life. Features include universal fit mounting hardware and Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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Thule The Stacker 830
Universal fit for all vehicles.

The very best kayak stacker rack on the market is Thule's The Stacker. Created from metal, with a non-scratch external covering, this kayak carrier is the best in fast set up and removal from the car. Carries up to 4 kayaks but includes 1 set of straps to transport 1 kayak.

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Price was around $169.95 at the time of this posting.

The Thule 830 Stacker Rooftop Kayak Carrier is a vertical kayak carrier that offers an optimal way to carry multiple kayaks at the same time with the smallest investment in hardware. Featuring two stacker assembly supports and attachment straps that run between the supports to the roof rack, the Thule 830 Stacker Rooftop Kayak Carrier transports up two kayaks with a single carrier, and a total maximum total of four with an additional carrier hardware. Features include: Stacker support folding ability when not in use, compatibility with Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks, and quick tool-free installation.

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Malone HandiRack Inflatable
Universal fit for all vehicles.

Some of the best temporary pads on the market are the Malone HandiRack Inflatable pads. This system provides you with the perfect solution when looking to transport a single kayak both safely as well as super a. These inflatable pads are there to effectively protect both the roof of your car, as well as the kayak itself. A small hand pump is included for a quick setup.

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Price was around $84.95 at the time of this posting.

The HandiRack is an inflatable vehicle rack for carrying all types of gear and accessories Each HandiRack kit comes with two HandiRack twin tubes which safely cushion your cargo during transportation, two 9.8ft webbing tie-down HandiStraps to carry your possessions safely and securely, a high volume double-action HandiPump which inflates each bladder of the roof rack in seconds, a detailed instruction booklet for easy installation and a portable nylon drawstring travel bag to store the roof top system in your trunk while it’s not being used. A set of Bow and Stern lines are also included.

The first 4 options are what we consider to be the best options when it comes to choosing a kayak rack for Wrangler. Continue reading below for more options in the different kayak rack styles available.

Attempting to drive out with a boat without a proper kayak rack in place can quickly become a risky proposition. These types of roof-top racks are specifically designed to help the kayaks stay in their place during the drive. Certain rack configurations can also greatly assist you during the loading and unloading times.

With that said however, it is very important to know what type of equipment you will need prior to going out and purchasing that new kayak rack. There are many different types of kayak rack styles, fitment, dimensions, as well as other things to consider. Take a look at the buyer’s guide below to help you decide what you need.

Note: Once again, if you need crossbars for your Wrangler, click the link here: Wrangler Crossbars or Crossbars Replacement Kit.

For more information and additional options, check out the rest of the guide..

Kayak Rack for Wrangler – The Basics

If you are new to kayaking, you will want to make sure that your kayak is fully secured during travel so that you don’t have to worry about it flying off while driving. Another important reason why you should have a rack, is because your vehicle scratches very easily. Having a kayak roof rack prevents this.

Yes, you could always get some rope to tie the kayak down to the roof; but once again, you risk putting scratches all throughout your Highlander’s roof. Not to mention the fact that the kayak itself can also get damaged. If you are concerned about the above things, then this guide was written for you.

One of the most important items that is an absolute must to have as a kayak owner, is a rooftop kayak rack. However, as you probably would have noticed by now, there are a gazillion choices for kayak racks available out there. By continuing to read this article, we will provide you with all of the necessary information in order to make an informed purchase.

Types of Kayak Racks

Kayak Rack for Wrangler

It is very important to know what the main differences are in the various types of roof racks out there. As you can imagine, each kayak rack for Wrangler has their own pros and cons that should be researched before making this major purchase. Luckily, they these kayak racks can be categorized in 4 types of kayak categories.

They are as follows:

  1. Stackers
  2. Saddles (w/ Rollers)
  3. Temporary Pads
  4. J-Cradles

Important Note: Although the crossbars are important for kayak racks, they can be utilized without any new attachments during transportation. If you decide to go rack-less, make sure to check out the temporary pads section as the kayaks need to be properly padded for safe transport.

What you can do is to place them upside down on the top of the crossbars and then strap then secure them to the bars with some strong rope.

Best Way to Choose a Kayak Rack for Wrangler

When looking to buy a new kayak rack for Wrangler, you will see that the huge number of different types of rack can make this whole experience a a pretty hard one.

In order to find the best roof rack for your needs, there are a number of things that you will need to consider. Throughout this article, you will learn everything you need to know about choosing the proper gear that meets all of your needs.

Let’s get started.

1. What’s your car’s base roof setup?

Prior to deciding what type roof rack to buy, you will need to know what your vehicle manufacturer already included on your car/SUV/truck in terms of rooftop accessories. Typically, they could have included any of these 4 items:

  • Nothing, a completely bare roof
  • Some rails on the side
  • Manufacturer built crossbars
  • Previous vehicle owner crossbars

If your particular vehicle doesn’t come with anything on the roof, then the easiest cheapest way of transporting your kayak is to purchase some inflatable or foam pads type of gear. The reason behind this, is the fact that there isn’t anything else there to attach or mount a kayak rooftop rack to.

If you are specifically looking for a complete kayak transportation system with an actual roof top rack and carrier, then you will need to have some crossbars set in place. Two ways of doing this, manufacturer built crossbars that are included with your vehicle, or aftermarket crossbars that you will need to purchase.

If your Highlander already comes with built in crossbars, you can start immediately looking into buying a gear rack that is specifically designed for kayak transportation. , such as saddles, j-cradles or stackers. If on the other hand, your Highlander does not come with factory crossbars, you will then have to buy a set of roof top rack crossbars.

2. How Many Kayaks Do You Need to Transport?

The number of kayaks that you are planning on hauling is another huge thing to consider when looking to purchase a kayak rack for Wrangler. Primarily, we want to know if you are thinking about transporting just two kayaks, or if you need a solution to transport more than that. Most kayak racks will carry two kayaks.

If you are just moving a couple of kayaks, we recommend the j-cradle kayak rack set. But, if you do need to transport more than two, no worries, there are also solutions for that as well. In fact, the stacker type of a kayak rack for Wrangler is going to be your best option.

3. Will You Drive Long Distance on the Highway?

If you are planning on undertaking a long distance trip and adventure, you really want to invest your time, energy and money into researching and purchasing a more secure kayak carrying option. You will want to avoid the temporary inflatable or foam options since they are, well temporary.

During long distance treks, there is a big likelihood that you will come across some harsh weather, bad roads and more. In such conditions, if you utilize temporary pads, you risk damaging your roof as well as kayak. Most of the time, cross country trips will require you to do some extra tightening of the wrench pullies while using the temporary pads.

Choosing not to do that can cause kayak shuffling on your Highlander’s roof as well as the foam pads just straight up flying off the vehicle. This is why having a solid kayak rack for Wrangler such as a j-cradle or a saddle can make your trip a much more convenient, safe and enjoyable experience.

4. How often do you intend to kayak?

If you are one of those adventurers that goes out for a daily paddle, your goal should be to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in loading and offloading your kayak. One of the most convenient ways of transporting a kayak is to utilize some saddles on the front of your Wrangler and a some rollers on the back.

Some paddlers even find side-loading J-cradles are also a very good way to load and offload your kayak. When it comes down to it, having a sturdy and good quality kayak rack for Wrangler can make or break your adventure time.

Best Types of Kayak Rack for Wrangler

Temporary Kayak Rack Pads for Wrangler

Certain vehicle manufacturers include racks with their cars, SUV’S truck; most of these vehicles however are typically not going to come with a roof rack. Since the use of temporary pads allows you to not have any sort of rack system installed on the roof, they tend to be a pretty good option for a naked roof type of situation.

Not to mention the fact that they are really easy to setup and take apart. These pads typically have a strap that feeds through the car’s inner roof Are, then wraps around the top of the vehicle and attach to the foam or inflatable padding.

These types of kayak rack pads are really only to be used for the shorter trips and for the kayaker that doesn’t haul around their kayak very often. This type of setup is typically not to be used for on the highway travel! With that said however, if you are looking for a cheap and fast way of moving your one kayak to a body of water that is fairly close to you, then this type of kayak rack system is a good solution.

Malone HandiRack Inflatable – Some of the absolute best temporary pads that are currently available on the market are the Malone HandiRack Inflatable pads. This system provides you with the perfect solution when looking to transport a single kayak. These inflatable pads are there to effectively protect both the roof of your Wrangler, as well as the kayak itself. A small hand pump is also included with the package to help with quick setup.

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These Malone HandiRack Inflatable pads are:

  • Made of a very strong type of nylon, with 5 D-ring anchor points
  • It is able to carry a max weight of 180 pounds
  • The rack pads are also perfect for hauling other items like furniture, sporting equipment as well as luggage.

This particular inflatable roof rack system comes with the loading straps, a sturdy travel and should be a perfect fit for your Wrangler.

Want to see some additional options? Continue reading this kayak rack for Wrangler guide as we cover more rack systems for your vehicle.

Best Saddles for Wrangler

The next type of a kayak rack for Wrangler is the saddle type. It includes a number of pads that run from the base rack to the very bottom of the kayak.the length of your Wrangler. They run either as one cradle, or a dual piece setup that adjusts to the exact width of your kayak.

One of the biggest benefits of a saddle roof rack system for kayak transport, is that it is able to provide a much bigger surface for the kayak to rest on your Wrangler. The second reason as to why you should go with a saddle setup, is the securing method.

It is able to safely secure your kayak for those long treks and can comfortably handle bad driving conditions. Lastly, the saddle type system utilizes an aerodynamic friendly design that helps cut down on drag by limiting wind resistance as well as noise.

Malone SeaWing – This right here is one of the best saddles (if not the best) currently available for purchase. In fact, the Malone brand is a premium kayak rack and kayak accessory manufacturer and is considered to be the best at what they do. This particular kayak rack for Wrangler saddle is in the top range in ranking within this product category. And really, the name SeaWing truly is appropriate (since the brackets themselves are shaped in the form of a sea bird).

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The SeaWing roof rack system comes with brackets that attach to your Highlander’s base rack. Once affixed to the base rack, the kayak is placed and secured via a set of steals inside of the saddle. Since the saddle is only able to support up to 70lbs in total weight, you are only going to be able to haul a single kayak via this system.

Here are some of the most important features for this saddle style kayak rack:

  • The rack bends with the kayak and at the same time improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
  • It is able to mount to just about any base racks out there. This includes most of the oval cross rails as well as the round or square ones. This truly is a universal roof kayak rack for Wrangler that can fit just about all vehicles.
  • This particular rack is very easy to install. Not only that, but it also take a super small amount of roof space, which in turn leaves you with a good amount of room for any other item that you need to transport on your vehicle.
  • The material used in the construction of this rack in a poly-carbon type material that is corrosion-free and that also utilizes a synthetic rubber padding.

Thule DockGrip Kayak Rack for Wrangler – The other rack that we highly suggest is Thule’s DockGrip rooftop rack. However, Thule’s rack is manufactured by a market leader, so you should definitely expect a high quality rack. Thule’s DockGrip Kayak saddle rack for Wrangler (just like Malone’s SeaWing), can easily fit just about any type of basic roof rack.

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There are a total of four different brackets that your kayak will sit between. Thule’s rack design allows it to hold less of the Kayak’s hull, which in turn provides it with an ability to carry a wider range of kayak designs and sizes. This is all made possible by the angle-setting lever that is incorporated into the design.

The Thule DockGrip kayak saddle rack for Wrangler includes the following features:

  • It comes with quite large, yet very flexible as well as soft padst
  • The kayak can also be easily secured to the rack with the onboard straps as well as protective buckle bumpers that keep your Wrangler scratch free.
  • If you are looking for a rack that can accommodate kayaks and other boats that are up to 36inches in width and that can weigh up to 85lbs, then this is your ideal rack. One drawback is that it can only carry one kayak.
  • Built into the rack are saddles which are able to move their position to allow for extra flexibility when looking to transport your kayak.
  • This system also works great with a majority of Thule’s roof racks as well as most factory base racks

Best J-Cradle Kayak Rack for Wrangler

J-cradles or j-style kayak type of kayak racks are the world’s most popular racks and are called so because they’re designed in the J shape of form. J-Style cradles are side-loading racks, seated at about 45 degree of position on your Wrangler’s bars, giving you an increase of room to haul additional items. If your SUV has a somewhat thin roof and you intend to haul several kayaks, saddles and rollers won’t work for you since they typically transport the boats in a vertical type of position.

J-cradle type kayak rack for Wrangler on the other hand features a very sturdy, secure as well as fast loading/offloading design. You don’t have to pack your kayak from the back end of the vehicle, instead you can just grab the entire kayak and side-load it onto your Wrangler.

Just remember that if you have more than one kayak, you might have trouble having a good amount of strength left in you at the end of the trip to load them up sideways. J-cradles are therefore not always going to be the perfect fit for a casual kayak paddler who is smaller in height or too old to lift the boat to the Wrangler’s roof.

Malone Downloader – There are a ton of different choices out there on the marketplace when looking to buy a j-cradle type of rack. The very best in the kayaking community is the Malone Downloader. Again, Malone helps it be the very best manufacturer of the pile that creates flawlessly designed racks for moving kayaks. The JAWZ technology is exactly what puts this awesome rackover the top. This mounting technology gives you the ability to fit the j-cradle to most round, square as well as oval shaped factory cross rails.

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There are a great many other features, including:

  • Built in ramp to assist with loading
  • Collapse down technology – that means m increased over head clearance
  • Can handle up to 75lb in weight
  • Large padding that shields the kayak during transportation
  • A bow and stern connection for added stability

Yakima JayLow – Another option is the Yakima JayLow. Here you can really understand why the j-cradles will be the most popular rack for kayaks, as this appears durable and secure. The support the vessel gets is higher than you’ll get with other racks of the type – though launching the kayak might be problematic for shorter people or for the elderly.

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The top features of the Yakima JayLow include:

  • Zero-maintenance and super easy to use
  • Multiple configurations – for use with several different roof racks
  • If you decide to utilize two j-cradle racks then you should be able to fit two boats at the top of a typical car roof with ease.
  • The contact points have additional extra padding.
  • The whole system folds down when not in use to allow you to leave the rack on the Highlander’s roof.

Thule Hull-a-Port Pro – As the j-cradle is undoubtedly a favorite type of roof rack, there’s a lot of preference available. Another option may be the Thule Hull-a-Port Pro. This j-cradle kayak carrier smis built to fit just about any Thule rack systems with circular bars & most stock racks. It includes two well made ratcheting bow and stern connect downs and straps, with buckle protectors, to help you avoid any sort of damage to your vehicle as well as kayak.

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Additional features include:

  • Super easy kayak loading
  • Fast kit for attachment as well as removal for your Wrangler.
  • Thule’s signature PFD lever, which literally means pull, fold, done, permits easy overhead clearance.
  • Additional room on your Wrangler roof for other items.

Best Stackers for Wrangler

Stackers arrange your kayaks in a straight position on the sides, taking on about 50% less crossbar space per each kayak thereby offering maximum kayak capacity. You can merely carry the boat and stack it against the post or next to the rest of the other kayaks.

Which typically means that you can usually bring as much as 4 kayaks together with your vehicle (dependent on what your rack supports). Another reason to choose stackers is due to the fact that they are inexpensive, but at the same time very secure and easy to set up. They work very well with any kind of kayak, apart from the kayaks that have very wide tandem sit-on-tops.

Thule The Stacker – The very best stacker kayak car rack on the marketplace is the Thule: The Stacker. Created from metal, with a non-scratch external covering, this kayak carrier is the best in fast set up and removal from the automobile.

Some important details to notice:

  • It can carry multiple kayaks, one on each side of the rack – in order to transport four kayaks, you’ll need to buy two of these stackers
  • The whole system can carry a weight of up to 75lbs
  • You can install this on all Thule rack systems & most of the factory racks out there.
  • Straps are included for just one kayak.
  • Does extremely well with inclement weather and greater than average speeds.
  • Simple to use, right from the box!

Malone Stax Pro2 – Another option is the Malone Stax Pro2. This general car rack folding kayak carrier is with the capacity of transporting 2 boats at a time on the typical car roof. It could be used in combination with most roofing racks – whether circular, square or oval.

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The top features of the Malone Stax Pro2 include:

  • Aluminum rods and molded nylon platform.
  • Additional padding to help cushion your kayak during travel
  • Collapse down system that permits for a low clearance and gas economy
  • JAWZ installation hardware which allows for universal fittmen.
  • Tool-free assembly

This is a solid and fully stable system that can carry up to 80lb of kayak at the same time. The foam padding maintains your boat and allows it to stay scratch free during transport. The bow and stern strap downs keep your kayak secure to the rack at all times. This is one of the best kayak roof rack kits out there!

Best Kayak Rack Brands for Wrangler

There are numerous companies that produce kayak roof racks, but choosing the right brand depends mainly on what you want to utilize the kayak for, your personal experience, as well as your budget. While the majority of the very best kayak carrier brands talk about a lot of features that are normal to one another, you may still find differences that make each brand stick out from the others.

Some have created new state of the art equipment that helps them produce better racks, plus some come with all-round unbeatable quality products that automatically place them at the top. Understanding these key differences is extremely important in deciding on what kayak fits your end exact requirements. That said, here is a great list of the best kayak providers on the market today.


The Thule company started in Sweden over a half a century ago in the year 1942. It is the oldest kayak rack company in the world that continues to provide top notch kayak racks so car and truck owners are able to move their own sports activities equipment and baggage independently. Since its inception, Thule has extended their footprint and inventory to give a complete selection of car rack products for the latest models of cars and SUVs? They are also now a provider of all different kinds of outdoor activities.


Yakima, one of the world’s leading maker of car racks, made its humble origins as a little machine shop in Yakima, Washington. Today, it produces a few of the world’s best products that exist both under its label as well under the favorite Whispbar and Prorack brands. Presently working out of Portland Oregon, Yakima is constantly looking to create and pioneer innovative designs in an industry commensurate with changing vehicles and gears.


Malone Car Racks is one of the quickest growing rooftop rack companies in THE UNITED STATES. They have stores located all over the USA, Canada, Australia and other European countries. Working from the Coastline of Maine, Malone has over a decade of industry management and experience.

They have many firsts to its credit, like the intro of the “J” style kayak carrier for instance, they are the first company to provide economical weight assist modules for individual who person loading.


Although TMS is not really a pioneer on the market, a lot of their products are listed as best-sellers in a number of kayak-related categories on Amazon. Over 900 mainly positive reviews make sure they are the #1 resource for purchasing kayak rack accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions and Other Kayak Rack Information

Can you put a kayak rack on any car?

Unless you have a rooftop rack, you can also transport your kayak with a foam pad. It really is almost exactly like pool noodles, but it offers more balance. To add a kayak to a car using foam blocks, you should place two blocks on the top of the vehicle and rest the kayak on top of them. Then, apply some rope through the windows to secure it all.

What are the best kayak racks?

Here are our top ten picks of the best kayak roof racks you can currently buy online.

  • Rhino Rack Nautic Kayak Carrier.
  • Yakima Folding J-Cradle Roof Rack.
  • Malone HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack.
  • Malone Auto Racks J-Downloader Kayak Carrier.
  • TMS J-Bar Kayak Rack.
  • Vault Cargo Kayak Roof Rack.
  • Vault Locking Roof Rack

Can I put a kayak on my car without a rack?

blue BMW vehicleIf you are planning to carry your kayak on the top of your Wrangler but lack the necessary part rails/mix of bars that are necessary for a rooftop rack, a soft foam pad type of carrier is the solution for you. Make sure to fasten down the foam blocks with rope as well as your kayak to prevent the setup from sliding all over the place.

How much do kayak racks cost?

These are the most typical kind of kayak rack. J-style kayak racks typically cost between $40 and $150. Cheaper J-style kayak racks are simple and can transport your kayak without many special features. Other more costly options may feature special launching systems, better padding, better quality, plus much more. So as they say, you get what you pay for.

Should a kayak be transported upside down?

A crossbar rooftop rack (or “sports activities rack”) for your vehicle is the most practical method of transporting a kayak. Rotomolded kayaks can be carried on their side or hull up securely using kayak stackers. However, amalgamated kayaks should be transported on their bottom using cradles to avoid any deformation and or scratch issues.

Do you need crossbars for kayak rack?

If you like sophisticated manufacturers that are specialize in making racks carrying kayaks, then you’ll need crossbars for your vehicle. If your vehicle comes with factory made crossbars, you can proceed on purchasing one of the existing home mounts designed for kayaks, such as saddles, j-cradle cradles or stackers.

Can you put 2 kayaks on top of a car?

When you have a fairly wide car, place them both flat and top side of the kayak down. If the kayaks protrude too much, change them to their side and drive them very carefully, with one kayak flush against the other. Ensure that the center of each kayak is relaxing on the center foam pad.

Do I need a roof rack for a kayak?

You should tie down the bow and stern of your kayak, particularly if you will transport your kayak without a rooftop rack. Thread the straps through either your windows or underneath your vehicle.

Can you fit a kayak in an SUV?

If you own a large truck, the only thing that you have to do is to go ahead and load the kayak into the bed of the truck, use some ropes to secure it, and you’re all set. Transporting kayaks with an SUV or car however is a completely different ball game. The most well-liked vehicles for kayak transport are SUVs and other relatively big vehicles. However, virtually any car will is eligible for the job.

Can you put a kayak on a sedan?

The simplest way to do this is a two foam pad setup that helps prevent any dings or scratches to your roof. Strap the kayak down through your home your car windows or through the doors.

How many kayaks can fit on a car?

Four kayaks – when you utilize your space appropriately, you should be able to easily fit up to four kayaks onto your vehicle. As you can imagine, it is all dependent on the type of hardware that you are using, but generally speaking 4 kayaks is the magical number.

How do you get 3 kayaks on a car?

One good way of transporting 3 kayaks on the top of your car is to place the two biggest kayaks deck down directly onto the Thule bars. The third kayak can then be stacked deck up on top between them. Once they are in place, you then need to run the straps up and over the top kayak, then back down to secure everything to the load bars.

How far can a kayak hang out of a truck?

You would simply need to secure it with a good tie down strap in your truck’s bed area. Most of the kayaks and canoes out there are going to be around 14 feet in length, which can complicate matters a little bit. To begin with, any cargo that extends past your truck’s bumper more than 4 feet will require you to tie a red flag to it during your drive.

How far apart should J racks be for kayak?

Most of the popular kayak makers out there create products that require at least 24 inches in a crossbar spread during transport. I personally would recommend that you make sure to at least have 24 or 28 inches apart from one another.

What is the best way to haul a kayak?

Place your kayak on top of a car. One of the simplest ways of transporting a kayak is by using a rack. You’ll tie down each end of the kayak on top of a roof rack system. If you are solo, there are a handful of options depending on your rack solution. Strap down your kayak with some cam straps. This is the is easiest and quickest to get rolling.

Do you need to tie down front and back of kayak?

teal and white SUV

Yes, always try to tie down both ends of the kayak. With front and back tied down, you can rest assured that your kayak is pretty secure. You’ll be able to drive with faster speeds so that you can get to your destination quicker.

If you don’t do a good job of tying down your boat, it can come off during transport due to wind and kill some people, or it could cause someone to have to swerve. Lastly, if one of the straps was to break, a good reason to tie down both ends would be so that you will have adequate time to pull over and deal with the situation.

How fast can you drive with kayaks?

70 – 75 mph isn’t unthinkable. Lots of this will depend on your vehicle too. Having a canoe and kayak on a FORD F150 at 70 mph for example, you should be able to easily get 17 mpg. Take them off and you end up with roughly around 18 mpg.

Can you put a roof rack on any car?

While roof racks can fit about 98% of all of the vehicles out there, you’ll most likely require specific parts that will help with the installation process of the rack to your particular vehicle. Probably, you may take the rack off one vehicle and install it on another without too much effort. However, since most modern cars don’t have rooftop racks, you will most likely need to buy an aftermarket one.

Can you put a kayak on a small car?

Smaller vehicles can carry one, maybe two kayaks with the cradle style rack, depending on crossbar size. Rollers can make loading as well as offloading a super easy process. And the best part, all without putting a single scratch on your vehicle. Utilize the rack rollers to efficiently move the kayak from the roof of your vehicle to the leading saddle with a small amount of effort.

Can you put a roof rack on a car with a sunroof?

The roof rack is able to be installed on cars with a glass or panoramic roof. The only time you should shy away from doing so, is if your roof rack manufacturer specifies not to do so. Some types of sunroof can’t be used while the rooftop carrier is installed.

How do you transport a kayak with a roof rack?

white boat over body of waterWhen in doubt in what to do, always seek advice from the instructions that come included with your vehicle or roofing rack.

  • Place the Kayak Straps Within the saddles of the Roofing Rack.
  • Place Your Kayak or Canoe on the top Rack.
  • Bring the Kayak Straps Over the Boat.
  • Secure the Straps.
  • Roll and Tie down the Kayak Straps.

Can I leave my kayak on my car?

You sure can, just make sure that park in a designated area with plenty of clearance space. It is also smart to park under some sort of roof over your vehicle. Places like – under a tree, under a building, in a car parking garage area etc. This decreases the temperature and shields the vessel from immediate UV exposure that as time passes will make plastic material brittle.

How far apart should roof rack cross bars be?

Between 24 and 36 inches – If no special assembly instructions are included with the kayak crossbars, the bars should be positioned between 24 and 36 inches, and measured so from the same position for every crossbar out there.

How do you strap two kayaks to a car without a roof rack?

How To Properly Transport 2 Kayaks Without a Roof Rack on Your Vehicle

  • Prepare the pool noodles (foam pads). Thread the ratchet straps through the center of the foam pads (pool noodles) and the poles.
  • Secure the noodles to your car’s roof.
  • Place your kayaks right on top of the foam pads / pool noodles.
  • Secure the kayaks in place by utilizing ratchet straps.
  • Make sure to secure both ends of the kayaks, the bow as well as the stern.

How do you transport a kayak without a crossbar?

black 5-door hatchbackYou will need to get between 2 to 5 sets of the ratchet straps to pull this off. These straps are typically available in most of the popular hardware and motor vehicle stores out there.

  1. Step one: place and secure the foam pads or pool noodles together with your car.
  2. Step two: lift your kayak and put it on the surface of the pool noodles or foam pads.
  3. Step three: Tie up your Kayak with the earlier mentioned ratchet straps.
  4. Step four: as with the previous question, you will want to secure both, the kayaks bow as well as the stern.

How do kayak racks work?

Since this article already describes in detail what kayak racks are and how they work, I will go ahead and focus on the vertical, stackable types here. The Vertical Kayak Racks allow the absolute maximum amount of kayaks to be stacked vertically side by side on their sides. Their easy to setup and remove hardware system allows for a quick on / off experience, and there is absolutely no modification ever needed. Simply lift the kayak and stick it in against the post or against the neighboring kayak to lock it in place.

Can you put a kayak rack on any car?

If you don’t have a rack on your car’s roof, you can also move your kayak with a foam pad, or pool noodle. Thefoam pads offer a bit more balance compared to pool noodles. The manufacturers typically include step by step instructions on how to add kayak to a car using foam pads. You should always place at least two foam pads on the roof of the vehicle.

How much do kayak racks cost?

The J-style racks are the most typical kind of kayak rack. These racks typically cost anywhere between $40 and $150. The cheaper J-style kayak racks are usually very simple in design and can transport a kayak without too many special features, while more costly ones may feature special loading systems, better padding, better quality, security, plus much more.

Should a kayak be transported upside down?

black off-road vehicle near treesA crossbar roof rack (or “sports activities rack”) for your vehicle is the most practical method of transporting a kayak. … For instance, rotomolded kayaks can be carried on with them turned up or down (hull up) securely using kayak stackers. However, amalgamated kayaks should always be transported turned downwards by using cradle style racks to avoid deformation.

Do you need a roof rack for a kayak?

You should tie down the bow and stern of your kayak, particularly if you will transport your kayak without a roof top rack. Thread the straps through the front and back and secure each one of them with torque straps to a sturdy place underneath your vehiclet.

Can you put a kayak on a small car?

Smaller vehicles can carry one, maybe two kayaks with the cradle style roof rack, depending on the crossbar size. Rollers can make launching and unloading kayaks super easy, and all putting a scratch in your vehicle. Utilize them to efficiently move the kayak from the very back of your car to the leading saddle with very small effort on your part.

Can you put a kayak on a car without a roof rack?

If you are thinking about carrying your kayak on the top of your vehicle but lack the necessary parts like rails/mix bars that are absolutely necessary for a roof top rack, a foam car top kayak carrier is a superb solution. If you decide to utilize some foam pads, make sure to fasten down the pool noodle like pads so that they won’t slide all over the place.

Can you put a kayak on a sedan?

Yes, here is a simple way – place two foam pads on your rooftop and place your kayak on them. Strap the kayak(s) down through your vehicle’s windows or underneath your car.

How far apart should Kayak J hooks be?

Most kayak service providers require at least 24 inches of crossbar spread. I would recommend ensuring that you have at least the 24 inches apart between them at a minimum, but the best thing would probably be to place them about 28 inches apart.

Final Words on Kayak Rack for Wrangler

There are a great number of racks on the markets these days. A lot of which we didn’t use in this buyer’s guide. Nevertheless, the included racks and their manufacturers have good reviews as well as a great reputation. Based on the things that you need, there are a great number of solid options. All the way from simple container style racks, to high quality gear with super strong construction exo-skeleton racks that can support the weight of a rooftop tent.

A lot of the included racks feature a warranty, but keeping up with regular maintenance is paramount to keeping these racks rust free and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. When you select one of the great options on this list, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen the best rooftop kayak rack for your Wrangler.

By taking time to consider which of the kayak racks that were included on this list will be the most suitable choice for you as well as your vehicle, you will keep your kayak safe and secure on the highway and at the same time rest easy knowing that you have the required space available to you to bring everything with you on your trip.

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