Are Leer Truck Caps Waterproof?

Are Leer Truck Caps waterproof? – When it comes to truck caps, leer truck caps are certainly one of the best in reliability, quality, as well as craftsmanship. But are leer truck caps waterproof? The answer to this question is, ” they mostly are”. Although Leer (as well as every other truck cap manufacturer) strives to make their cap 100% waterproof, often times they may not be fully waterproof.

There are however some steps and things that one can take to help make the Leer truck cap more watertight.

Designed to enable you to cover your truck bed, these covers play a very important role especially if you intend to use your truck for camping.

Here are the best Leer truck bed covers for you to check out.  For waterproofing tips and how to waterproof your Leer truck cap, keep reading.

Our Pick
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Leer Tonneau Cover for Ford F150
Ford F150 Years 2015+

Why we like itThis is a very durable, weather-resistant cover that is both reliable and high performinge. The 4 flap hard folding tonneau cover is a durable, sleek, flexible and low profile designed cover that can accommodate a variety of loads.

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Price was around $979.02 at the time of this posting.

This Leer Ford F150 Tonneau is a great 4 panel truck bed cover that is durable, water resistant, stylish and sleek in design. If you are looking to keep your cargo safe and dry, this cover is the way to go. The easy to install lid also allows you to secure the unused folded panels while driving for maximum control over your truck bed.

Good Pick
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Leer Dodge Ram 1500 Tonneau
Fits Dodge Ram 1500 Years 2015+

Why we like it: If you are looking for a great roll-up solution, then this is the perfect tonneau cover for you. The easy no- drill installation takes just 15 minutes or less. The truck lid is strong, durable & secure. The security comes from the velcro strips that secure the cover to your truck bed. The cargo security system utilizes a tail-gate latch mechanism to keep your stuff safe.

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Price was around $209 at the time of this posting.

One thing that really helps this Leer Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram 1500 stand out from the rest is its sleek design. It’s a low profile style of tonneau covers that have helped Leer establish themselves as a true contender in the truck bed cover world. This tonneau cover is no different. It sits flush on top of the truck bed rails for maximum weather and moisture control. There is a built in tension system that helps with wrinkle issues that other truck lid manufacturers contend with.

Solid Pick
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Leer GM Silverado & Sierra Cover
GM Silverado & Sierra Years 2014-19

Why we like it: as we have come to expect from Leer, this cover comes with a ton of great tech & features. The first thing worth mentioning is the sail cloth finish. It looks and feels much different from the other covers out there. Also, the tonneau cover is secured via Leer's unique latching system (mounted near the tailgate). Drive your truck with the tonneau cover in the open or closed position.

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Price was around $249 at the time of this posting.

Our third and final suggestion is the Leer GM Silverado & Sierra Soft TriFold Cover. This cover is a notch above the rest. It comes equipped with security latches, water-resistant system, sleek style, low profile design and the option to drive your truck with either a fully or partially open tonneau cover. When it comes to truck bed covers, lids and caps; you just can’t go wrong with a Leer product.

For more information about Tonneau Truck Bed Covers (Ford F150 specifically), check out our Ford F150 Tonneau Truck Bed Cover page.

Reasons Why You Need To Choose Leer Truck Caps

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They Are Widely Available

Unlike other truck caps, leer caps have several manufacturing facilities all over the world. So if you need one you’ll enjoy faster shipping. Not to mention the gazillion dealers that carry their products.

Timeless Designs

If you are looking for modern designs, leer truck caps are the best. Featuring several models, you are able to always choose the right one based on your exact needs.

The firm is known for making sleek designed caps that do not use vinyl trims like other manufacturing brands.

Wide Variety to Choose From

When it comes to choosing the right cap, this particular manufacturer is not going to limit your choices due to their large assortment of truck does not limit you. This ensures that you will have a wide variety to pick from.

From key-less remote caps to ceiling-mounted, from adventure sports all the way to removable front window caps. You’ll be able to get all the options that you need.

Better Hardware

If you are looking for advanced equipment, leer truck caps should be your number one choice. They are fitted with auto-on dome light switch, automotive-style rotary as well as thoroughly hidden hinges.

J-Clamp Installation

This is a unique accessory that ensures there is proper attachment to the truck bed. It not only looks better and holds more but it also ensures your cargo is safer.

Are Leer Truck Caps Waterproof?

Are Leer Truck Caps Waterproof?

While the leer cap truck dealers try as much as possible to waterproof the caps and covers, they cannot be 100% waterproofed due to the nature of all truck caps, how they are attached to the truck bed, etc.

So, if you want to keep it dry at all times you need to waterproof it. Thankfully, there are several methods to waterproof it.

By doing this, you’ll not wake up to water drops or dust on your truck bed cargo. Although there are many methods of doing this, the best method does involve some drilling. Continue reading to find out more information regarding “are Leer Truck Caps waterproof”.

How to Make Leer Truck Caps Waterproof

How to Make Leer Truck Caps Waterproof

Truck Cap Waterproofing Method # One – Truck Bed Insulation Tape

For the first truck cap waterproofing method, some drilling of the truck cap would have to be done. All you will need to get started is a drill and a screwdriver. You should also grab a good sized blanket so that you can place your Leer truck cap on to it. The blanket helps prevent any damage to the truck cap during the waterproofing process. If possible, get a second person to help you with the lifting of the truck cap (highly recommended).

Here are the required tools and materials for this job:

Required Tools

  • A Drill
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Materials (Click on links for our recommendations)


  1. Go ahead and spread out the large blanket on the ground and place the truck cap upside-down on top of it. It’s a good idea if you asked your helper at this point to give you a hand.
  2. Go ahead and get the truck bed waterproofing tape out and proceed to cover the bottom of the truck cap. It is best not to use the tape on the rear hatch as you won’t be able to open/close that hatch properly. Tip: Go ahead and place additional layers of the truck bed waterproofing tape around the bulkhead of the truck cap. This will ensure that the area is really well sealed and prevent any leakage.
  3. Now we move on to the truck bed. Go ahead and open up the truck bed’s tailgate.
  4. For this next step, I would recommend asking your helper to aid you in flipping over the cap and to put it back on the truck’s bed. Make sure that the truck cap is properly fitted onto the truck bed.
  5. Once the truck cap is fitted properly, step inside of the truck’s back and get the two truck cover aluminum clamps out. You want to place the clamps in a way so that they secure the truck cap onto the truck’s bed. Only clamp 1 side of the truck cap if you have a truck bed toolbox in the back of the truck.
  6. Now comes the bolting down the truck cap to the truck’s bed part. Since some of the truck caps out there already have a good number of holes, you won’t have to drill them. Otherwise, if they do not; you will have to get the drill out. You typically want to place 3 bolts on each side of the truck cap, but sometime you may need 4 (depending on the length of the truck’s bed).
  7. Go ahead and get the bolts, screws and washers out and screw them into the truck cap and bed for a good seal.
  8. Next, you should look at the right rear taillight assembly and to see if it already has a hole. If not, go ahead and drill a very small hole that will be used to connect the wiring to the truck caps taillight.
  9. You should lift out the taillight assembly from the cap so that it is easier to locate the wiring of the unit.
  10. Now, go ahead and find the wire, make the incision in it, strip the outer layer and connect that up to the light that will be used for the brake.
  11. Finally, locate a small piece of the stuff used to insulate the wire and use that to attach the high mount stop light wire to the wire used to brake the truck.

Truck Cap Waterproofing Method # Two – Rubber Weather Stripping Tape

Truck Cap Waterproofing Method # Two - Rubber Weather Stripping Tape

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape 4″ x 10′ Black, (Pack of 1)

If you are not a drill owner, or if you would rather not use one altogether, there is a second option for you. This particular method requires zero tools to waterproof your Leer truck cap. Just like with the first waterproofing of a Leer truck cap method required a second person to help out with lifting, you should once more try to get some help. Have a look at the materials list below and make sure that you have it all ready before starting. Here’s what you need:

Material List


  1. Do a thorough cleaning of the area where the truck bed meets the cap. For this step, you are able to really use whatever industrial strength cleaner /  de-greaser solution you have at your disposal. While cleaning, make sure that all of the dirt, grease, and other foreign debris are completely removed from your truck bed’s rails. Make sure to also do the same for the truck cap ‘s surface, this will be the part that will meet the truck’s bed rails.
  2. As you are cleaning the truck cap, make sure to remove any old weather stripping or glue that might be present, in fact, you should remove it from both the truck cap as well as the truck bed (if present). Tip: For a better seal and a longer lasting waterproofing job down the road, you might want to consider priming and painting the truck cap and the bed rails now.
  3. The next step is to go ahead and get the rubber weather stripping out and to stick it onto the truck cap. When it comes to the rubber weather stripping stuff, you can find it at most of your neighborhood auto stores. The other component to all of this is the glue that will be used for sticking the rubber weather stripping. This is the adhesive that you will be using to attach the strips to the truck cap.
  4. Proceed to apply a good amount of the glue onto the Leer truck cap. Once done with the glue, take your time to carefully place the rubber stripping onto the truck bed cap. Make sure to be quick with the rubber weatherproof strip as the glue will dry very quickly. Make sure the stripping tape is even all across.  Failing to do so will cause many headaches down the road.
  5. When it comes to Leer truck caps, quite often they come with windows and doors. If your truck cap has any extra openings, make sure to completely seal them as well. that’s the case.
  6. Check to make sure that the truck bed and the cap are sealed thoroughly. You can check it with a garden hose by spraying water onto the newly sealed truck cap. Look inside for any drops or wetness. If you do come across some unwanted wetness, this is where that RTV silicone comes into play. If you do need to apply the silicone, you will want to make sure that the whole area is completely dry.Make sure the area is completely dry. Follow instructions on the packaging for the best application.
  7. After the silicone has cured, make sure and retest it for any more leaks or issues. You should also take this opportunity to do a full thorough leak inspection for the whole truck cap/bed setup.

Why You Should Waterproof a Leer Truck Cap

car on body of water

To Provide an Enclosed Weatherproof Space

While a truck bed is a great box where you can store and transport your goods, sometimes you require a good shelter. So, before packing everything into your truck you must ensure that its waterproof. This will protect your items from outside elements.

Make Full Use of the Storage

Adding a truck cap onto your truck bed does not mean you’ll carry everything you need to carry. Although caps add additional height and safety to your truck, there are some water-damage prone things that you still won’t be able to carry unless the truck cap is waterproof.


Depending on the truck cap you have once you waterproof it, easy installation and removal is possible. You should be able to transition from an open bed to a fully covered bed without too much effort. This allows you to transport a variety of different sized items.

Great Business Alternative

Instead of investing in other trucks or additional vehicles you just need to waterproof your truck cap so you can transport everything you want. This is especially important if you are dealing with fragile items that may be destroyed by bad weather.


This is perhaps the main reason why you should waterproof your truck bed. Since the truck bed won’t be subjected to bad weather you can always transport your items knowing that they are fully protected.

How To Make Sure Your Leer Truck Cap is Waterproof

How To Make Sure Your Leer Truck Cap is Waterproof

Waterproof seal. This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking for the right leer truck cap. The cap should not only have a waterproof seal but should also physically attach to the truck bed rails so that it can create a watertight bond (bolted down).


The best leer truck cap should lock all your items and clamp them down securely on the bed. It should also have some locking mechanism with matching keys to create a secure environment.


Leer truck caps can really become ineffective if it does not fit the vehicle. When shopping for one, make sure you order the correct size. The best leer truck cap will not only allow you to transport more goods but will also protect your items from bad weather

Construction Material

Whether hard or soft, the right leer truck cap should be constructed of materials that can withstand outside weather and frequent outdoor use.

Leer Truck Cap Cost

Leer Truck Cap Cost

Since most leer truck caps are made of fiberglass, aluminum, or composite, the costs can vary considerably, depending on the size of the truck and the material or the truck cap.

As compared to other materials, aluminum leer truck caps are a bit more expensive. If you like, you can choose to use leer truck caps depending on the material, condition, and even color.

One of the reasons why most people prefer fiberglass is because they are heavy. However, the composite truck caps and composite toppers are between the fiberglass and aluminum toppers.

While composite caps are cheaper than fiberglass caps, they are typically more expensive than aluminum.

Final Thoughts

So, are leer truck caps waterproof? With several types of leer truck caps in the market, you can always choose one depending on your needs. While looking for one, make sure it’s waterproof.

But even if it’s not waterproof there are a number of steps you can take to waterproof it. So do not hesitate to protect your truck with the best leer truck cap. Tip: Bed Cover for Dodge Ram 1500 With Rambox.